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10 common Phobias

  • What is Phobia?

= A phobia is an overwhelming fear of an object, person, thing, situation, place, animal or feeling.
this develops a sense of fear or danger about any thing, place Etc. We can use the word "FEAR" instead of "PHOBIA".

  • 10 Phobias-

ACROPHOBIA - Fear of hight

Some people fears of hight so badly, they even get scared of escalators at malls and shopping complex. For many of the people having Acrophobia, looking at the tall building make their head spin.

CLAUSTROPHOBIA - Fear of close spaces

People who are having this phobia says that they feel suffocation in the enclosed spaces. they feels that walls are closing them.

ENTOMOPHOBIA - Fear of insects

Many of the people are scared of insects and this is reasonable because they said that insects are tiny creatures who crawls on the ground and they may bite someone.
this gives them a weird ugly feeling.

ASTRAPHOBIA - Fear of storms

Booming sound of clouds, lightning strikes and heavy rainfall will definitely scare many of the people. Many people get scared by thinking that lighting will harm them but the chances are so low.

CYNOPHOBIA - Fear of dogs

This is funny but many people who don't pet dogs are scared of dogs. Any person get this phobia by have a negative experience with the animal. This phobia is mostly found in the childrens.

PHASMOPHOBIA - Fear of ghosts

I think everybody have this phobia of ghosts, witches, devil or vampires. some people also feels supernatural powers and paranormal presence. the main reason for this might be horror movies, games and serials.

EMETOPHOBIA - Fear of vomiting

Generally people with this phobia are afraid of vomiting specially in public places. this happens with those people who gets the feeling of vomiting mostly time like when they are traveling by a car or bus , when they are in tight croud etc.

BII PHOBIA - (Blood-Injection-Injury Phobia)

when people see blood or a physical injury, they fainted and start shaking. those people were also afraid of taking injection. seeing the blood and injuries may disturb theri mind.

AEROPHOBIA - Fear of flying

People are afraid of flying and aeroplane because they may think that this is unsafe and might crash. this thinking was build-up in their mind because of any unfortunate incident in their family or they may have experienced something. 

BOTANOPHOBIA - Fear of plants

Some people are afraid of plants and they think plants are dangerous and harmful. they mostly avoid them and keep ourself away from plants. some plants are poisonous and dangerous but mostly are safe and helpful. Grow More Plants! you don't need to be afraid of them.

these are the 10 phobias, we hope this will be use full for you! 


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